Social and Emotional Competence (SEC)

PBIS Promoting Social Emotional Competence: Part 2 2023-24

ONLINE TRAINING: In this course, you will understand how the Pyramid Model builds upon a tiered public health approach to provide universal support to all children by promoting their social-emotional wellness. The prevention level, or tier two, provides the practices that target social-emotional strategies to prevent problems. In addition, include the provision of targeted support to children at risk of challenging behavior by giving you strategies on how to teach children self-regulation skills, controlling anger and impulse, and gaining problem-solving using individualized instruction. You will earn 1.0 CEUs for completing this course.

There are three modules in this course:
2A: The Importance of Teaching Social-Emotional Skills and Developing Friendship Skills
2B: Enhancing Emotional Literacy
2C: Problem-Solving Strategies, Managing Anger, and Handling Disappointment

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  • Introduction
  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Objectives
  • Instructor Bio: Maria Matos
  • Pre-Knowledge Survey
  • Video: Pyramid Model Overview
  • Module 2A
  • Module 2A Overview
  • Teaching Social-Emotional Skills
  • Video: Teaching Children to Make Friends
  • Friendship Skills
  • Video: Play Organizers
  • Sharing
  • Video: Sharing
  • Being Helpful and a Team Player
  • Video: Being Helpful
  • Giving Compliments
  • Module 2A Comprehension Quiz
  • PBIS Module 2B
  • Module 2B Overview: Emotional Literacy/ Part 1
  • Video: Learning Styles
  • Enhancing Emotional Literacy/ Part 2
  • Module 2B Comprehension Quiz
  • PBIS Module 2C
  • Module 2C Overview
  • Social Emotional Competence
  • Video: Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Skills
  • Self- Regulation
  • Video: Let's Meet Tucker the Turtle
  • Controlling Anger and Impulse
  • Video: Tucker the Turtle Takes time to Tuck and Think
  • Using Turtle Technique within Daily Lessons
  • Video: Introducing Tucker Turtle during Small Group
  • Developing Problem Solving Skills
  • Video: Problem Solving in Real Situations
  • Helping a Child to find a Solution
  • Module 2C Comprehension Quiz
  • Resources
  • Social Emotional Brochure
  • Caring About Caring Article
  • Promoting Young Children's Social and Emotional Health NAEYC
  • Enhancing Emotional Vocabulary in Young Children
  • Embedding Friendship Opportunities into Daily Schedules Plan
  • Turtle Technique Poster
  • Tucker Turtle Story
  • Problem Solving Steps Poster
  • Solutions Kit
  • Helping Young Children Control Anger and Handle Disappointment Article
  • Planning Sheet: Identify the Behavior and Pulling It All Together
  • Resource Collection Reflection
  • Final Assessment & Course Evaluation
  • Post-Knowledge Survey
  • Student Survey Of Instruction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever