Infant Early Language Support 2023-24

In this course, we will take a close look at how teachers can intentionally expose Infants to language through daily classroom routines. We will explore ways teachers facilitate infants' language development through conversations, preverbal cues, or a mixture of both. The strategies we will learn include imitating or initiating sounds, adding words to extend communication, and engaging in back-and-forth language exchanges.

You will earn 0.5 CEUs for completing this course.

Once paid, registration fees for this course are non-refundable.
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  • Course Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Instructor Bio: Miosotti Trinidad
  • Course Syllabus
  • Pre-Knowledge Survey
  • Section One
  • What is Early Language Support?
  • 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve & Return
  • Video: 5 Steps for Brain-Building Serve and Return
  • Practice Serve & Return Interactions
  • Speech Milestones for Babies
  • Section Two
  • Communcation Support & Development
  • Video: Supporting Language Development During Mealtime
  • Teacher Tips--Supporting Language Development
  • 12 Ways to Support Language Development
  • Section Three
  • Communcation Extension & Language for Learning
  • Talk Read Sing!
  • NAEYC-10 Ways Babies Learn When We Sing to Them
  • Using Music to Support Childrens Developmental Skills
  • How To Read To A Baby to Stimulate Speech
  • DIY Family Picture Book For Baby
  • What Books Do you Read to Infants?
  • Additional Resources
  • Nurturing Infants and Toddlers with Diverse Language Experiences
  • Increasing Self and Parallel Talk
  • Course Summary
  • Post-Knowledge Survey
  • Student Survey Of Instruction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever