This application is for the Early Learning Educator (ELE) PRE-K CLASS Bonus.

This $600 grant is to support ALL Early Learning/Childcare providers in the recruitment and professional development of early learning educators to provide essential early learning services throughout the state.

Early Learning Educators (ELE) are owners/teachers of family childcare homes (FCCHs), directors, preschool teachers, and assistants, before and after schoolteachers, substitutes. Each ELE must complete their OWN bonus application.

You must meet the requirements of this bonus and upload the required documentation. You may NOT have previously received a PRE-K CLASS Bonus to participate.

These bonuses are available on a first come/first served basis and will end MARCH 31, 2024.
  • Section 1: PRE-K Bonus Overview
  • Bonus Overview
  • SECTION 2: Applicant Information
  • APPLICANT Information
  • Applicant Information Survey
  • Sponsoring Provider's Affirmation Statement
  • Sponsoring Provider's Affirmation Statement for PRE-K Bonus Form
  • Section 4: Teachstone/required courses
  • PRE-K CLASS Bonus
  • Do you have a Teachstone account?
  • How to access your Teachstone account
  • MyTeachstone Learn About CLASS Videos- PRE-K
  • How to access your Learn About certificate
  • MyTeachstone Learn About CLASS Videos Training documentation- PRE-K
  • What's Next?
  • SECTION 5: PRE-K CLASS Training
  • How to activate your PRE-K CLASS code
  • CLASS Foundation for Teachers Training- PRE-K
  • CLASS Primer for PRE-K Teachers Training
  • Classroom Organization for PRE-K Teachers Training
  • Emotional Support for PRE-K Teachers Training
  • Instructional Support for PRE-K Teachers Training
  • SECTION 6: W-9 Information
  • W-9
  • Section 7: Applicant Affirmation
  • Applicant's Affirmation Statement
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed